Welcome. My name is Rob Huntley. I first became interested in photography during my freshman year at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the 1970's. My roommate loaned me his 35mm rangefinder camera one day and showed me how to develop film and prints in the dorm darkroom. I bought my first camera, a Nikon F2, in 1977 and have been hooked ever since. In 1978, I took a position at Lightstream, a commercial graphic arts studio in Beverly, MA, and, in 1983, became its chief photographer. In 2001, I left Lightstream and started my own business.

I believe that a good photograph can help us to see the richness and wonder of life when we might otherwise miss it. Photography, when artfully and skillfully practiced, has an amazing capacity to penetrate experience and reveal layers of meaning unavailable to the eye and memory alone. Making photographs is, for me, a process of discovery through observing the visual clues that surround us. This sense of discovery is always with me and is what motivates me whenever and whatever I photograph.

I invite you to contact me and we can talk about your photographic needs. Whether it's a product, portrait, an important event, or an idea, I welcome the opportunity to put my eye and camera to work for you.

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